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Congratulate to our students got the Honorable Mention in 2022 One Health Short Film Competition



★Our Second-year Master Student Edo Riyandani and First-year Master Student Jarelle Branford had their video entitled " SNAIL: A Deadly Vector of Schistosomiasis” "got the Honorable Mention in 2022 One Health Healthy Holistic Student Short Video Competition.

★Content Creators- Edo Riyandani and Jarelle Branford

★This is the link for their video:

★Here is some feedback of this group. One is our First-year Master Student Jarelle Branford from Guyana

Taking part in the One Health Video competition has been a fulfilling experience. I had the opportunity to work colleagues from NYCU and got the chance to understand their country (Indonesia) and culture.

Participating in the competition also widen my knowledge of zoonotic diseases and how these diseases impact gender and undeserved communities around the world.

My teammates and I (JADE team) made great efforts to create a short but  informative video that highlighted the effects of schistosomiasis in undeserved communities, a parasitic disease which affects more than 240 million people globally.

Our video eventually received an award of honorable mention!!!

Congratulations the Winners and my fellow colleagues in IHP ( Healing Wands) for the excellent efforts they all put in to creating amazing video content.

Also, thanks to my teammates Dewi and Edo for putting together the best and most informative video, it was a pleasure working with you both, in the end we won comradery and experience. We did well!

The other is our Second-year Master Student Edo Riyandani from Indonesia.

I feel thrilled and grateful to be awarded as the honorable mention team. As our team consisted of various professional backgrounds thus defining topics, processing the content, and presenting the result was quite challenging. However, it was paid off with valuable experience mostly from the process of brainstorming ideas, multi-source media support collection, and youtube copyright obviation. It elevated my understanding of how to effectively dense the bulk of information into ten minutes short video. I would like to congratulate all participants who have opened my awareness to the various zoonotic diseases. And finally, I am hoping that our video would be a better tool for people to raise their understanding of schistomasiosis globally.