National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University



Chiou, Shu-Ti / 邱淑媞

Institute of Public Health

 02-2826-7000 #67347

Current Position

Founding President, Health & Sustainable Development Foundation

Global Vice President for Capacity Building, International Union for Health Promotion & Education

Adjunct Professor, College of Medicine, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Senior Consultant, Cheng Hsin General Hospital


Academic Degrees
National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, Ph.D. in Epidemiology
National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, Master of Science
National Yang-Ming Medical School, Taipei, Taiwan, M.D.


Chair of Governance Board, International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services (initiated by WHO)
Global Vice President for Partnerships, International Union for Health Promotion and Education
Director-General, Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health & Welfare, Taiwan
Director-General, Bureau of Health Promotion, Department of Health, Taiwan
Associate Professor, School of Medicine, National Yang-Ming University

Founder and President, Taiwan Society of Health Promoting Hospitals
Commissioner, Department of Health, Taipei City Government, Taiwan
Director-General, I-Lan County Health Bureau, Taiwan
Director, I-Lan City Health Center, I-Lan County, Taiwan
Attending Physician, Department of Family Medicine, Taipei Municipal Ho-Ping Hospital, Taiwan
Chief Resident, Department of Family Medicine, Taipei Municipal Ho-Ping Hospital, Taiwan
Resident in Family Medicine, Veterans' General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan


Specialist in Family Medicine


Research Interests
Health promotion, social determinants of health, public health policy


IHP Thesis Advisee

1. Charles Gnenassi Ido. Factors contributed to the non-compliance with tuberculosis treatment in the Regional Tuberculosis Center of Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina-Faso)." 2007
2. 羅慶玲-員工參與醫院體重控制計畫之相關因素探討(2008)
3. 謝寧惠-全國醫院臨床戒菸服務與其支持系統之現況調查(2009)
4. Milo Richard. Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Haitians Living at the Border of Haiti-Dominican Republic Towards Pulmonary Tuberculosis. 2009
5. Aminata Sarr. Diabetes Self-Management: Perspectives Of Gambian Patients Attending The Medical Clinic, Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital(RVTH), 2009. 2010
6. Karla Margarita Navarrete Galve. The Extent and Healthiness of Television Food Promotion directed to Children in El Salvador. 2010
7. Franelda Diega Maria Gutierrez. Awareness, perceived effectiveness and use of smoking cessation support by current smokers and ex-smokers in Taiwan. 2011
8. Sesay Catherine Ngaima Marie. Analysis of Factors Associated with Failure to Return for HIV Test Results in The Gambia. 2011

Selected Publications

  • Chen LK, Hwang AC, Lee WJ, Peng LN, Lin MH, Nail DL, Shih SF, Loh CH, Chiou ST*. Taiwan Health Promotion Intervention Study for Elders research group. Efficacy of multidomain interventions to improve physical frailty, depression and cognition: data from cluster-randomized controlled trials. J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle. 2020; 11: 650-62 
  • Wu PC, Chen CT, Lin KK, Sun CC, Kuo CN, Huang HM, Poon YC, Yang ML, Chen CY, Huang JC, Wu PC, Yang IH, Yu HJ, Fang PC, Tsai CL, Chiou ST*, Yang YH. Myopia prevention and outdoor light intensity in a school-based cluster randomized trial. Ophthalmology. 2018; 125:1239-50.
  • Svane JF, Chiou ST, Groene O, Kalvachova M, Brkić MZ, Fukuba I, Härm T, Farkas J, Ang Y, Andersen MØ, Tønnesen H. A WHO-HPH operational program versus usual routines for implementing clinical health promotion: an RCT in health promoting hospitals (HPH). Implement Sci. 2018; 13:153.
  • Lo WY, Chien LY, Hwang FM, Huang N, Chiou ST*. From job stress to intention to leave among hospital nurses: a structural equation modeling approach. Journal of Advanced Nursing. 2017; 74:677-688.
  • Chiou ST, Marmot M. Health Inequalities in Taiwan. 2016; Health Promotion Administration, Taipei.


Supervised IHP Student Publications

  • Pehrsson EC1, Tsukayama P1, Patel S1,2, Mejía-Bautista M1,3, Sosa-Soto G1,3, Navarrete KM3, Calderon M4, Cabrera L5, Hoyos-Arango W3, Bertoli MT3,Berg DE6,7, Gilman RH4,5,8, Dantas G1,2,6, . Interconnected microbiomes and resistomes in low-income human habitats. Nature. 2016 May 11;533(7602):212-6. doi: 10.1038/nature17672. 27172044