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【Lecture】Taiwan's strategy against the COVID-19 Pandemic-Prof. CHI-TAI FANG


🎓✨【IHP Lecture Highlights】✨📚

We were honored to host Prof. Chi-Tai Fang from the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine at National Taiwan University for a captivating lecture on Taiwan's strategy against the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the session, Prof. Fang shared invaluable insights into Taiwan's proactive approach to combatting the pandemic. Here's a glimpse of one of our students' reflections on the lecture:

“I thoroughly enjoyed attending the insightful lecture by one of Taiwan's leading health experts. Dr. Chi-Tai Fang's approach to tackling COVID-19 during the early stages of the pandemic was particularly fascinating. Learning about how he and his team swiftly responded to the emergence of the disease and effectively protected Taiwan from its impacts was enlightening. Their science-based interventions, which prioritized public health without resorting to lockdowns, demonstrated remarkable efficiency, and enriched by Taiwan’s successful containment of SARS in the past. Attending this lecture, which was also part of our Health Crisis Management class, provided invaluable lessons. For those interested in delving deeper into Prof. Fang's work, you can access his publication at: []”

-Teddy Rowell Umbao Mondres from Philippines, Second-year PhD. student

A big thank you to Prof. Fang and everyone who attended for making this lecture a truly enriching experience! 🙌🌟 #IHP #PublicHealth #COVID19Strategy