National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University




🌟✨ As if journeying with Doraemon’s time machine, we fondly recall the vibrant days from two years ago when we embarked on this journey together during the freshman orientation. From sharing lighthearted moments, dreaming about your futures, to building strong connections through various courses, activities, and meetings, we’ve seen incredible growth and forged unbreakable bonds.
It has been a privilege to witness your remarkable journey. Watching you stand on stage, delivering speeches with unwavering confidence and grace 🇵🇭, and seeing your radiant smiles 🇹🇭 as you received well-deserved awards, has been deeply moving and a testament to your hard work and dedication.
As you now spread your wings to embrace new challenges, remember to carry with you the spirit of excellence and the joy of learning. Fly high, dear Class of 2024! 🎓
Happy Graduation! 🎉 You have achieved so much, and the world awaits your brilliance. Bravo!