National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University


2024 SUMMER PROGRAM - Admission open


We want to share a fantastic news with you. The International Health Program (IHP) is collaborating with the Institute of Traditional Medicine to organize a two-week intensive summer program, "Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Public Health System in Taiwan." Scheduled for the first two weeks of July 2024, the course aims to recruit foreigners who are interested in short-term study in Taiwan.

The curriculum will introduce traditional medicine and the public health system in Taiwan. We kindly ask for your assistance in disseminating this information to your international partners and encouraging them to apply for the program.

The two-week program will include in-class lectures, hands-on activities, and exploring Taiwanese culture. We are honored to have many professional doctors and professors conduct this course, which will be offered entirely in English.

We welcome international students from all over the world to join us. If anyone is interested in applying, please contact the program office directly at Thank you.

今年國際衛生學程與傳統醫藥研究所合作,將於七月初兩週,辦理Introduction of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Public Health System in Taiwan (台灣傳統中醫及公共衛生實務短期密集課程,希望招募海外人士來台短期進修,課程以介紹台灣傳統醫學和公共衛生系統,歡迎大家轉發給海外合作單位參考,鼓勵有興趣來台短期進修者報名。