IHP Lecture From Dr. Jeff Chun-Hao Hsu


After half a year, we can finally enjoy a physical speech this semester. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Many thanks for Dr. Jeff Chun-Hao Hsu from MA Director of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Development Co Ltd, COVID-19 Research Group Data Analyst. Today's speech has taught us that everyone has a different way of interpreting international health.

The following are the feedback of our students:

(1). Second-year Master student, Lia Isabel Mondragon Marquez from Honduras

An insightful lecture from Dr. Jeff Chun-Hao Hsu for trainees such as ourselves seeking to build international health careers and make a difference at a population level. We learned that careers in International Health grant the opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds with one goal in common. This path we’ve chosen can lead us to work in the public sector through Academia or with Government Organizations. We can also choose to apply our skills in the private sector, in Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs), or in the commercial industry. With all these opportunities to make an impact, Dr. Jeff Chun-Hao Hsu made an emphasis for us to remember to transfer the skills and knowledge acquired during our time in IHP to solve complex medical issues around the world. I look forward to taking on the challenges to come to achieve better health for all.

(2). First-year Master student, Asli Moussa Houssein from Somaliland

Mr Hsu's orientation was short and sweet. He highlighted the different career paths that are open to IHP students both in the public and private sector. Learning about his career path and current position has definitely broadened my perspective when it comes to opportunities available for public health specialists.

(3). First-year Master student, Trong Nhan Nguyen from Vietnam

On March 29, 2022 at the meeting with Dr.Jeff Hsu about "Introduction and an Overview to the International Health Career path" topic.

During the talk, Dr.Jeff Hsu shared about his experience of working in the UK, as well as how international health works in State Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations or Commercial Industry. In addition, Dr.Jeff Hsu also present about the background necessary and opportunities to participate in Public Health major in some countries like US, UK Australia....

With me this is a valuable meeting and thanks to IHP for organizing this event

(4). First-year Master student, Ayleen Walewska Perez from Belize

Introduction and an Overview to the International Health Career Path was an enriching and energizing conference indeed. It truly was inspirational to acquire knowledge about the vast amount of opportunities that the International Health Program opens. Dr. Jeff Chun-Hao Hsu is a luminary man, who instills wisdom in every word spoken. Moreover, he told us that we were surrounded by future medical health directors, public health physicians, and government officials. I looked around and observed my colleagues and felt reassured by this statement as I knew that each individual held immense potential and that we were learning from such a remarkable institution, which is National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University. Furthermore, he encouraged us to seize every opening because if we did we had a 50% chance of being successful contrary to a 0% chance when not trying. Undeniably, these odds seem to be in my favor and the message behind the short yet sweet conference will propel me to achieve my career goals.

The Topic of today’s lecture is “ Introduction and an overview to the International Health Career Path”.