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Apart from our regular courses, we also offer collaborative programs with other universities. For instance, last semester, we partnered with NCCU to introduce the Global Health Governance course. A highlight of this course is the end-of-semester simulation of the World Health Organization, and below is the feedback shared by our First-year Ph.D student, Mpumelelo Goodwill Ndlela from Eswatini. 🇸🇿
The course began by exploring the fundamental concepts of global health governance, tracing its evolution from local and public health perspectives to international and global frameworks. We delved into the core principles of governance and its impact on health outcomes across various sovereign states. Our sessions were enriched by contributions from professors across diverse disciplines, who shared their expertise on topics ranging from the intersection of global health governance with mental health, infectious diseases, and non-communicable diseases to the imperative of equitable access to health through universal health coverage.
The semester culminated in a public health emergency simulation conducted under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO Simulation). This exercise provided us with an opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts we had learned, gaining practical insights into the roles and responsibilities of health professionals within the WHO and national health leadership. The simulation enhanced our competencies in public speaking, meeting facilitation, decision-making, and awareness of health regulations and policies.
We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Prof. Han-His, Liu, Prof. Chun-Hue, Chi, our TA Issa Li, and all the guest professors from NCCU and NYCU who generously shared their knowledge and insights with us throughout the course.
Join us and embark on new possibilities together! 📚✨