National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University


IHP lecture-Prof. Chiou, Shu-Ti


Last Friday, we had the privilege of attending an enlightening talk by Prof. Chiou, Shu-Ti on tackling the global challenge of obesity. 🚶‍♀️🍏


Prof. Chiou emphasized that combating obesity isn't just about individual willpower; it's about creating environments that support healthy choices and integrating comprehensive public health strategies. Her insights into how public health initiatives can transform communities and reduce obesity rates were both eye-opening and inspiring.


A few key takeaways from the talk:


Holistic Approaches: Prof. Chiou highlighted the importance of combining policy, education, and community engagement to create sustainable health improvements.

Real-World Application: The discussion around real-world experiments demonstrated how small changes in public health policies can have a significant impact on population health.

Community Involvement: Engaging communities in designing and implementing health interventions is crucial for their success.

Listening to Prof. Chiou, I was reminded of the power of collective action and the role we all play in creating a healthier future. 🌍✨


Let's continue to advocate for environments that promote health and well-being for everyone. Together, we can turn the tide against the obesity tsunami.


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