National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Aceh Government Scholarship

A great tsunami in South Pacific struck Aceh Province in 2004 causing serious losses of local medical and public health professionals. Local government in Aceh Province has been providing scholarships (including tuition, accommodation fees and living expenses) to students seeking oversea degree in Taiwan to develop more public health workers. To this end, National Yang-Ming University offers tuition waiver for Aceh government scholarship recipients.

The university agrees to reduce 3/4 of foreign students’ tuition fees in the first academic year for Aceh government scholarship recipients applying for International Health Program. Following criteria, however, shall be met:

  1. In principle, up to 5 students may be granted the scholarships in each academic year.
  2. Academic achievements of applicants shall meet scholarship standards.
  3. The Regulations shall be reviewed by Office of International Affairs in the 2nd semester of each academic year.
  4. In the second academic year, scholarship recipients approved by the department shall receive successive tuition waiver.